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Title : Silver & Precious Metal Gurus – Our Opinion of Them
Description :

Silver and Gold Price Plunge – an Explanation

Silver and Gold prices Plunge below $15 and $1200

Silver & Precious Metal Gurus – Our Opinion of Them

Today is Sunday 19th August 2018 and we are, slightly light heartedly, but with a serious underlying message, highlighting the main sources of information about gold and silver available on the Internet today, organising them into categories and our opinions of them – we hope you enjoy!

We have provided 5 main categories of You Tube Precious Metal advisers and Gurus:

Firstly, we have what we call the ‘genuine stackers’ who present You tube videos to share their passion. We like to watch these as their enthusiasm for the subject can be infectious. But a word of caution, most of them, not all of them, but most of them, have little or no real-world experience in finance, investments, mining, treasury operations or trading, and so are merely expressing either a gut feeling or the advice they have perhaps themselves read on a blog or seen on YouTube. Now there is nothing wrong with watching these but please bear in mind that most of them carry out no analysis or a very primitive form, and therefore should be looked upon as either entertainment or providing useful information as to the latest available silver or gold coins or bars.

Secondly, we have the Kitco News of this world who, although have a vested interest in the rise of gold and silver, in fairness, with the very able assistance of an attractive presenter called Daniela Cambone presents to the viewer those people involved in the gold and silver space, their opinions and forecasts. By definition, we have to remember here that the people she interviews are generally either the miners themselves, or mine owners, who will always talk up their book or are Comex traders and day traders whose opinions are valid but generally aimed short term and not necessarily useful for the stacking community – one or two exceptions we grant, but very few.

Thirdly, we have the David Morgan’s of this world; who in fairness are very plausible and sombre and David in particular has made his life’s work, essentially following and supporting silver and other precious metals. In fact, he has written a number of books on the subject. Now he is less flamboyant than the pumpers whom we come onto next, but unfortunately for David again since 2011 has got most of his forecasts wrong and by a wide margin. He is very knowledgeable, of that we do not question, but we feel he has to some extent become so consumed by his passion that he cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’ and perhaps spends too much time in the company of those who have a vested interest in seeing gold and silver prices rise and is subliminally hypnotised by them. Even as late as 1st March 2018 he was making the case for $10,000 gold and $500 silver.

Fourthly, you have the pumpers – The Mike Maloney’, and Peter Schiff’s of this world. They own gold and silver companies that trade in precious metals. They make the majority of their living trading gold and silver – so frankly their advice will always be – “BUY NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE – ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER – IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MUCH YOU PAY BECAUSE THE DOLLAR WILL SOON BE WORTHLESS” – BETTER A YEAR EARLY THAN A DAY LATE”. Does this resonate with you? Well we can tell you, it certainly resonates with those who have lost a fortune since 2011 and have been forced to sell their holdings because they over committed their finances to ‘filling the cart’ based on the expectation of an imminent rise in prices. These individuals are in our view just enriching themselves by misleading their followers. They are certainly clever, and certainly knowledgeable, and probably over the very long term believe what they say, but short term to medium term do incredible damage to people’s wealth.

Fifthly we have what we call ‘The Crazies’ – You’ve seen them, you’ve heard them. The ones who are often interviewed on USA Watchdog who have for the past 10 years declared economic oblivion any time soon. $100,000 gold $10,000 silver and in Bix Weir’s case $100,000 silver an ounce. All of the conspiracy theorists who have found a home on USA Watchdog (which incidentally is quite a nice programme to watch – but not too often) and who appear on King’s World News and occasionally on Alex Jones Info Wars. Well all we can say, is that if you have followed these guys, then frankly if you are not in the “Poor House” already then you are probably sitting on vast hoards of gold and silver bought at incredibly high prices and praying to your God that you will live long enough to see a profit.

And Last but not least there is Us. Illuminati Silver; Now what can we say, well actually we will say nothing as we are biased and we let you draw your own conclusions.
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